Posted by Gerry Cumpiano on Dec 16, 2020
Hey Everyone - - Check out this GREAT on-line Silent Auction supporting a wonderfull Rotary Global Grant in Puerto Rico. This GREAT Agriculture project has connected, recruited, trained, and mentored dozens of new and experienced farmers. It has trained family and community members in the business of agriculture - in marketing and distribution - and it has created a supply chain from the fields to restaurants, shops, markets, and homes across PR. Take a look at the AMAZING items in the auction - ranging in value from $150 and up. There are some significant Christmas 'bargains' in here! (and BTW - read carefully - there are actually 2 villas/weeks on Antigua and 6 in Tuscany!) There is an amazing RUM party for 10 - including a private virtual tour of the DonQ Distillery hosted by the owner - Roberto Serralles - and also - an incredible $1,800 etched and signed bottle of their finest Rum. LOTS of options for bidders! Click on the link to take a look! (and BTW - on the auction site you can also make a donation if you wish - greatly appreciated!!!). Please share with friends!